The Eclipse is Coming but so is Camp Tasty

Another reminder for all of you fence-sitters for Camp Tasty! I know it’s a busy month, this is my last missive before hitting the road for Oregon Eclipse and the Burn is right after for some of you, but hopefully you can find a few minutes to register. We’re trying to lock down this year’s inimitable Tasty schwag and also to finalize food count for the caterers.

That being said, we know some of you can’t make a decision till closer to the time. Let us know as soon as you can, it’s more important that you come than anything. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of regardless, up to the last minute. But even if you can give us an idea, that will help.


All the details here.

Or shoot us a mail at

Teepee Themes!
Interested in creating a theme teepee for the big Saturday night crawl? Submit your application here and we’ll give you a $50 grant to get it jumpstarted.

In need of a ride or can you give one? Please fill out the carpool google doc if you have room in your car or if you need a ride.

Start Hunting for Strange Brews
This year we’ll be doing a strange brew/booze tasting Friday night. Bring something hard-to-find, possibly hard-to-drink or just something most everyone hasn’t ever tried. Sour kombucha, Chinese baiju, Mexican sotol, bizarre beer, or a $1000 bottle of wine! Anything folks haven’t seen much of will do!

Items to Borrow
We’d love to borrow the following items, if you have them:

  • lights- to decorate your tent, walkway or camp area.
  • extension cords- for lighting and tunes.

Please don’t forget to put your name on these items!