Tasty Lunar New Year: Tickets, potluck, and more reasons to come

While a new year’s behind us, another’s just about to get started. Tasty’s first-ever Lunar New Year party goes down next weekend — Saturday, January 14 — at The Study in the city of Richmond, and you’re invited!

Thanks to all of you who have bought tickets and wine already. Because of your contributions, we’ve hit our minimums and it’s all systems go. The wine’s being bottled, the music locked, and the lanterns lit!

For those of you that haven’t bought your tickets yet, now’s the time! We’ve got a special evening in store and lots of Tasty family and friends of, old and new, will be coming out. And for those of you who want to know if friends are invited, most definitely.
Advance tickets are required (an evite RSVP is not sufficient).
Tickets, wine and all the details are here:
-> Tasty Lunar New Year 2023 Celebration

Did you know, Tasty got its start with Golden Gate Park potluck parties way back in 2006? We’ll be bringing it back this evening for a dinner extravaganza, with your help!
For those of you coming, here’s a note from our potluck lead Kinnari:
“A big thank you to those of you that have added your name and dish to the potluck list. Everyone else – please take some time this weekend to think about what tastylicious dish you’ll be adding to the potluck. You’ll be adding to our lunar party spread. We’re counting on ya’ll to keep our bellies happy through the night.”
→ Sign up for the potluck here

First off, it’s been ages since we’ve had a proper night out. Get those sweats off and get your style on! For optimal success in the new year, red and gold are the way to go. When you’re perusing your wardrobe, just remember rockin’ red and gold means fortune in the new year.

For the safety of our community, we request everyone take a negative Covid test before coming. The space is a large and airy warehouse with high ceilings and good ventilation. We’ll have multiple rooms including an outdoor space (pray for no rain!) with a firepit. And kudos to us, throughout the pandemic, we’ve had no Covid incidents at a Tasty event. Let’s keep it that way.


  • James Cobo up from LA ready to throw down! DJ Heidi’s Tasty debut! The return of the Sockpuppet Soundsystem!
  • The Bamboo Lantern! Dang that’s good!
  • Free-flowing wine from one of the best natural winemakers around!
  • Jonny’s lasers!
  • Gamemaster JB cooking up something special!
  • The one-and-only Tasty community!

We can’t wait to see many of you soon. For the rest of you, we’ll see you in the year of the rabbit! Tickets, wine and all the info here: