The Rabbit beckons! Final missive: Tasty Lunar New Year

Rain or shine, the gods and goddesses will be smiling upon us this Saturday for the SOLD OUT Tasty Lunar New Year celebration. The team’s been working tirelessly 😘 and their efforts are paying off. And don’t worry, even if it’s raining, we’ve got plenty of space and a roof overhead to do our thing. Without further ado, the final missive with Required Reading and What’s in Store.

Please share with any of your guests coming with you. We’ll see you Saturday! 

-Tasty Lunar New Year Crew



You’ll want to come early, cause the first half of the evening has a ton of fun in store. The festivities kick off at 7pm with wine tasting, potluck dinner, an interactive game, and music in the lounge by AWAZ x B-Haul, Heidi, live music by Nolan Love, and the Sockpuppet Soundsystem! Don’t miss The Game within the Game, masterminded by JB and Kinnari. And prepare your appetite for Chef Dang’s Bamboo Lantern food cart, which lights up around 8pm with Asian-inspired moules frites. 

Starting at 10pm, we take the party to the dancefloor for a Tasty bunnyhop with Wütrjügz, Masti, Cobo, and Jeronomous rockin’ till 2am with VJ-ing by Rubeun! Dress in your finest red and gold for bonus points! And make sure to snap a picture or two in the photobooth so you know it wasn’t just a dream.

  • The Study/Purity Wine: 1401 Marina Way S #280, Richmond, CA 94804
  • 7pm on


We’re asking everyone to contribute to the potluck dinner and dessert! If you have yet to sign up for something, please do that here:

Potluck Signup


Just a final request to please take a (negative) Covid test before coming. Your community thanks you for your care!


We encourage everyone to make your way to and from the venue safely! The wine will be flowing, so make sure you’ve got a plan. Here are some ideas:

  • Lyft/Uber/Taxi from home/BART/ferry
  • Ferry from SF Ferry Building to Richmond Ferry Building (10 minute walk to venue): Departure times at 6pm and 8:10pm (link to ferry info)
  • Richmond BART (2 miles from venue): Last BART to SF leaves at 12:30am (link to BART trip planner)
  • Carpool – see the list of attendees and grab a ride with a friend who’s driving
  • Car Camp – There is ample parking at the venue. If need be, bring a sleeping bag and crash in your car/van/RV till morning!


Get ready to stuff the red envelopes! We’ll be raising funds at the event for Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach. This Bay Area non-profit has provided legal aid in native languages to immigrants for over 47 years. Their pro bono attorneys help clients tackle a range of issues from housing insecurity, sex trafficking, domestic violence, elder abuse, and more. Navigating the legal system is a challenge for non-native English speakers and immigrants unfamiliar with the system. API Legal Outreach has been a go-to provider of services since 1965. We’ll be donating proceeds from this event to APILO. See Heidi for any and all details on how to give.



We’re sold out! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a gathering in the Bay Area, and the guest list confirms it! We’ve got a great reunion in store of 100 Tasty friends and family old and new coming from all parts for the night. A special night’s in the making…

-> Tasty Lunar New Year Attendees


Tim and Amit have put together a very special lineup of Tasty talent old and new! Camp Tasty legends Cobo and Jeronomous are ready for primetime once again, Nolan Love’ll be adding his live music into the mix, Heidi’ll be rocking her first Tasty set, new faves Masti and Wütrjügz are back for more, the Sockpuppet Soundsystem reunites, and Tasty OG’s AWAZ and B-Haul kick things off!

7:00 PMAWAZ (Amit W) vs. B-Haul (Brent)
7:45 PMOtter Limits (Heidi)
8:30 PMNolan Love (live)
8:45 PMThe Sockpuppet Soundsystem (Brother Kris, Jaybee, Tones)
10:00 PMWütrjügz (Max)
11:00 PMCobo
12:00 AMDj Masti (Mustapha)
1:00 AMJeronomous (Jeremy)


Saturday evening, you’ll have a chance to taste some of the best examples of zero-zero wine, the most natural of the natural wines! This means absolutely nothing is added or removed during the winemaking process that’s not naturally present in the wine. It’s zero intervention in the vineyard, nor in the barrel and bottle, and will give you the truest expression of the grapes you can get. It’s not too late to pre-order wine, but you’ll also be able to buy any wines that strike your fancy that evening.

Don’t miss a chance to speak with Noel, who is Purity Wine, about his ethos and approach to winemaking, as well as his mission to make natural wines accessible to communities underrepresented in traditional wine circles.

Purity will be pouring wine across the flavor and color spectrum, so get your glass ready! 

*Special thanks to Nate K and London for their wine donations


  • 2021 Shake Up! – Pinot Gris – raspberry, strawberry, carbo forward, bubble gum freshness
  • 2022 Midnight Haze – Zinfandel – Russian River – deep dark juicy black fruit, mountain herbs, big bodied wine with soft tannins


  • 2020 The Lost Barrel – Sauvignon Blanc – Contra Costa – lightly orange, herby, floral, delicate and mineral
  • 2021 Lemon Kisses – Sauvignon Blanc – Contra Costa County – citrus, spice, sea like brininess, a little texture from skin contact, dry


  • 2021 Oranjeena – Marsanne – whole cluster macerated, honeyed, herbal, structured with a kiss of brett
  • 2022 Party Favors – Muscat – Lodi – direct press, smells of citrus and acacia blossoms, slight bitter finish, medium bodied, zippy, but not lean


  • 2021 Ops! – Sonoma – Mendocino – Sierra Foothills Red blend of Pinot Noir, Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Roussanne – lighter and softer bodied, tart cherry, strawberries and figs with a cedar tobacco finish
  • 2018 Spicebox  – Mourvedre – Rough and Ready – tart cherry with an oxidative quality reminiscent of toasted walnuts; complex warm spices (mace, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg), light and elegant with a structured finish


On the wine bar walls, where we’ll be projecting a visual tasting menu of Asian cinema across the diaspora to get you in the mood. We won’t do them proper justice, so add these to your queue to watch at home!

In the Mood for Love (2000, Hong Kong)

Nobody portrays moody love like Wong Kar Wai. “Dizzy with a romantic spirit that’s been missing from the cinema forever.”

The Dragon Painter (1919, USA)

This groundbreaking 1919 silent film features the pioneering Asian American movie star Sessue Hayakawa. “…a lyrical, visually arresting Japanese fairy-tale about a mad artist who is under the impression that the princess of his dreams lurks in an enchanted lake which has turned her into a dragon.”

Raise the Red Lantern (1991, China)

This film made Gong Li a global icon and marked Zhang Yimou’s arrival as the most accomplished Chinese filmmaker of his time. “Visually thrilling and rich with emotion.”

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022, USA)

An instant classic with its hilarious and big-hearted sci-fi action adventure about an exhausted Chinese American woman (Michelle Yeoh) who can’t seem to finish her taxes. “…an expertly calibrated assault on the senses.”

Old Boy (2003, Korea)

Directed by Park Chan-wook (Snowpiercer), this first film in the Vengeance Trilogy put Korean (twisted) thrillers on the map. “…not for the squeamish, Park Chan-Wook’s visceral Oldboy  is a strange, powerful tale of revenge.”

The Killer (1989, Hong Kong)

Directed by Hong Kong legend John Woo, this film changed the action genre forever. “Woo didn’t satisfy himself with merely copying his heroes: he transcended them with his own ideas and innovations.”


…the first-ever Tasty wine! Introducing the limited edition, collectible “Rabbit’s Habit” syrah, brought to you by Tasty x Purity Wine! It’s a delectable wine so good, it might become your habit as well. Standard tickets include a gift bottle to go. You can also buy a bottle the night of. Design kudos to Jen!