Tasty Lunar New Year 2023 Celebration

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As Chinese internet wisdom assures, the Year of the Water Rabbit will bring:

  • Peace and success
  • Less anger and more relaxation
  • Effortless money
  • A great year to have a baby

In celebration of the friggin’ amazing year we’re about to have, usher in the Lunar New Year with us in inimitable Tasty fashion!

Where’s the party at?

We’re heading far east for the night to the city of Richmond and The Study, home to one of the country’s hottest natural zero zero winemakers Purity Wines and 13 other indie natural wine labels that cooperatively call this funky Richmond warehouse home. It’s an offbeat space run by great people with values on point that make incredible wine. The first time we set foot here, we knew we had to throw a Tasty party here.

You’ll hang with the winemakers, drink amazingly unique wines, dance amongst the wine barrels, and catch up in the lounge and next to the firepit with friends old and new.

The Details

Saturday, January 14 from 7pm-2am

Potluck dinner and wine tasting starting at 7pm followed by dance party till 2am

The Study / Purity Wine Bar

1401 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA

What’s in store

  • Wine tasting with the makers starting at 7:30 organized by Kyla
  • Old school Tasty potluck dinner hosted by Kinnari
  • Tasty dance party all night curated by Amit W & Tones
  • A special Tasty x Purity wine collaboration to take home as a parting gift (at Standard ticket level)
  • Decor by Jen & Anna-Mae, Visuals by Rubeun, A/V by Jeremy, Mus, and Andy, DJ booth by Fivel, Photobooth by Ana Q, Classic movie projections curated by Heidi & Brent
  • Top secret fun from JB
  • Fundraiser for a great cause organized by Heidi
  • A 60/40 chance the Bamboo Lantern comes (to tip the scales email johndangtx@gmail.com)

I can’t wait, now what?

  1. Buy your tickets and your wine below!
    • 100 ticket cap so buy your tickets now!
    • Note that there’s no venue rental fee, only a beverage (+ service charge) minimum. So we’re asking people to buy wine in advance (you can take any home you don’t drink that night, or pick up afterwards), so we can proceed with confidence we’ll cover the costs. We’ve got some advanced exclusives to make it worth your while!
    • Fine to bring your kids or dog, but no wine for either. 
  2. Sign up to bring something for the potluck here
  3. If you can’t make it, you can still buy wine and help make this party go off! 
  4. Feel free to invite your friends and forward them the invite!  

Your Tasty Hosts 

Anna-Mae, Amit V, Amit W, Ana, Andy, Brent, Fivel, Fumi, Garth, Heidi, Janet, Jen, Jeremy, Kinnari, Mustapha, Rubeun, Tim, and TASTY


Share a Lyft. Bring your camper van. BART and bus. Don’t drink and drive. Duh. 

Questions? Send them to tastytastysf@gmail.com. 

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